Add lines on Printing Page

If you know how to do Printing in Excel, you must be familiar with the word “Gridlines” in Excel. Gridlines mean to print the lines between rows and columns for identifying quickly.

After reading this article, you will be able to display a Sheet with lines on each printing page. By default, Gridlines are shown in a worksheet but not in a Print Page.

Download Your Example Excel File

To view lines on the page (Image below)

  • Open Excel workbook.
  • Choose tab Page Layout
  • By default, the View box is check
  • Click on box Print of Gridlines
  • Click Print
Lines is shown between rows and columns in Print Page.
Lines is shown between rows and columns in Print Page.

Same steps you can follow for headings to show in print page column name and rows number. Only instead of clicking the Print option of Gridlines select print of Headings.

Change Gridlines Color

If you want to dark your lines border or to change the color of Gridlines so that it is visible to us.

After Changing Gridlines colour.
After Changing Gridlines colour.
  • Click the File Tab
  • Select Options
  • In Excel, options click Advanced
  • Under Display options for worksheet click Gridline color
Gridlines color change to Red.
Gridlines color change to Red.

As you choose any of the colors for lines between rows and columns, it turns selected color i.e., Red.

Note: Learn how you can adjust preview and prevent certain things from being printed.