Adjust the Columns and Rows Size

As you are Excel user then you must aware of how Excel Sheet look, Excel contained Rows and Columns where you can do calculation, apply formula, making charts, storing details of data and much more. 

Here in this article, you are going to read How to adjust rows and columns width or height automatically based on length of text.

You may adjust it by dragging the line in Excel.

Download Your Example Excel File

Query: We have five columns of Product, Regional, SalesRep, Customer and Units. Our task is to adjust all content in the cells.

Equal Cell Size

When you have a table with few text sizes is big and remaining are small so the full content not visible. For this, we will increase the column width.

  • Open an Excel file.
  • Under the home tab choose format.
  • Select all the cells.
  • In cell size select column width.
  • Type size (18) to increase width.
  • Click ok.

By doing so all content will be visible in the cells of the spreadsheet i.e. it will fix the size of column width. The same process will be done to increase or decrease the row height.

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