Check Formulas Step by Step in Excel

One thing you’ll regularly do in Excel is debugged or check formulas for error. Excel’s Function Keys are really interesting tool for users that can reduce lots of time taking efforts.

In this article we are going to discuss how to debug formulas step by step, we can do this in two ways first with the use of function F9 key and the second is under Formulas tab click on Evaluate Formula in Excel. It quickly breaks formula in a cell down into pieces.

Check with F9 key in Excel:

Our task is to test the formula part to see the actual values. So, to check it by step, just  select the formula part you want to test and press F9 key. For example,



In the above formula, we select range C$3:C$12 and hit F9 key. It shows all values in the given range (C3 to C12) instead of cell references. Same you can check for another section of formula too. To exit the formula from the test, press the ESC key:

To check formula step by step
Select the range and hit F9 for actual values

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Debug by Evaluate Formula:

To Evaluate

Here we need to check the formulas step by step on a cell where the result is displayed. For this, all you need to do is click the evaluate button and observe the value of the underlined formula part.

Results are being shown in place of the underlined formula part after clicking on Evaluate. Continue clicking the Evaluate button until each part of the formula get verify.

To check step by step

As sometimes it’s difficult for us to understand how formula calculates. For this, we can apply these two ways i.e. F9 function key and evaluate the formula in Excel. Above are the simplest way to check formulas error step by step.

Here we can create a drop down list so you can change the gadget name and check the result respectively.