Returns TRUE if all its arguments are correct in Excel
Returns TRUE if all its arguments are TRUE


Return TRUE if all its arguments are correct.


The Excel AND function is a logical operator that join two or more criteria and return TRUE that satisfy all given criteria.
For example, If A2 is 75 and we enter formula =AND(A2>1,A2<50), result display “FALSE” as the value A2 does not meet both criteria.


=AND(logical1, [logical2], …)


logical1 -The first criteria to evaluate
logical2 [optional] – Additional criteria to test.

Return Value

TRUE if satisfy all criteria. Otherwise, it returns FALSE

Key Notes

  • The AND function return TRUE only if all the given logic fulfills its condition; the function can accept a maximum of 255 logic.
  • Use OR Function returns TRUE when at least one of the logic is true
  • AND function is a logical operator which comprehend a logical test in term of TRUE or FALSE.
  • Values like text or empty cells are ignored in the argument.

To join both criteria and show text like here in cells B8 and C8 we have digit  1 and 100 and we put formula =IF(AND(75>B8 ,75<C8),”In Range”,”Out of Range”) it return In Range. As both criteria is True so, it show text In Range other than it show Out of Range.

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