Converts number Thai currency Excel
Converts a number to Baht text


Converts a number to Thai currency text.


The Excel BAHTTEXT function converts a number to Thai currency with a suffix of”Baht.” For example, to translate $5.50 in cell B7 to Baht currency, the formula can be =BAHTTEXT(B7)to translate and returns “ห้าบาทห้าสิบสตางค์” (Five baht fifty satang).


= BAHTTEXT(number)


number – Number to covert in Thai.

Return Value

A text format of number into Thai currency. 

Key Notes

  • Use the DOLLAR function to Convert number to currency (Dollar).
  • The function accepts a decimal number and adds a suffix of “Satang.”
  • Interestingly, Excel doesn’t include an English language version of this function.

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