Removes non-printable characters from a string in Excel
Removes all non-printable characters from Text


Removes non-printable characters from a string.


The Excel CLEAN function deletes the non-printable characters that are most often the codes from 1 to 31 of the ANSI character set. As the function name suggests, it cleans all the “garbage” characters that often appear after importing texts.


= CLEAN (text)


text – Text character to clean.

Return Value

Delete non-printable characters.

Key Notes

  • The Excel CLEAN function is used to remove non-printable characters or line breaks from a string.
  • The Excel removes ANSI character from 1 to 31, other non-printable characters after ANSI 31 does not eliminate. For Example, if you want to clean the exclamation mark in each text “Go Away!”, ‘=”Go Away”& CHAR(33)’, the CLEAN function will return “Go Away!” (no change).

The Microsoft Excel CLEAN function returns the number based on the ASCII value.
Return numbers depend upon the operating environment used by computer:

  1. For Windows
  2. For MAC


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