Merge multiple text strings in Excel in Excel
Merge multiple text strings


Merge multiple text strings.


The Excel CONCATENATE function display text by merging multiple text strings. For example, to combine two separate texts – Indian & Ocean, the formula can be =CONCATENATE(“Indian “, “Ocean”) returns “Indian Ocean”. Note: space after Indian.


= CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], …)


text – One or more text string to join.

Return Value

Concatenated text

Key Notes

  • The CONCATENATE function combines multiple strings but not useful with text’s in range or array.
  • The function doesn’t provide the delimiter or ignore empty arguments.
  • The ampersand character (&) is an alternative to CONCATENATE.
  • The user can input a maximum of 255 text arguments in this formula.
  • Moreover, the Concatenated text should not exceed 8,192 characters (cell limit) otherwise it will return the #VALUE! error.
  • Introduced in Excel 2016 (Office 365), the CONCAT function replaced the CONCATENATE function. Although the CONCATENATE function is still available for backward compatibility but using CONCAT function is advisable.
for example, suppose that you have two columns with text and you wish  to combine both columns strings its not possible with CONCATENATE function for this we use CONCAT function.

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