Counts cells with only Numbers in Excel
Counts how many numbers are in the list of arguments


Counts cells with only Numbers.


The Excel COUNT function compute the count of numbers within the reference list of arguments ignoring the text and blank cells.
For example, if A1:A10 contain five numeric value and remaining cells are empty or text to count numerical value in the range A1:A10: =COUNT(A1:A10) will return 5 (only numeric rest ignored).


= COUNT(value1, [value2], …)


value1 – First range or array of numbers
value2 [optional] – Second range or array of numbers.
The COUNT function can accommodate up to 255 numbers as an argument.

Return Value

An Integer indicating counts of cells with numbers.

Key Notes

  • The COUNT function counts the number of numerical (positive or negative) including dates values in each range (value)
  • The user can use the COUNTA function to include text value as well.
  • Logical values (TRUE and FALSE), Text or blank cells are ignored. Error value like #DIV/0! are not counted.


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