Show last date of the given month number.
Show last date of the given month number.


Return the last date of a Month.


The Excel EOMONTH function gives the last date on the basis of the past or future month number. For Example; if start date is 12-10-2019 and month is 8, use formula =EOMONTH (B3,C3) that returns (30-06-2020) as it is last date of that month and add number of months specified.




Start_date – the date that starts after the count of month.

Month– the number of months

Return Value

Returns the last date of the given month.

Key Notes

  • The EOMONTH function can return the last date of a month after adding and subtracting months.
    Example: when the return value of the EOMONTH function is ’30-06-2021’ it means it can also give last day of 2 years and 1 month later on basis of given date.
  • You will get the result in case you put a valid serial number instead of a date.
  • The result will show #VALUE! error If the input argument is recognized as text or If we enter an invalid date or month in the argument, it will return #NUM! error as the input does not feature like a date.