Round a number to decimal places with or without commas in Excel
Round number to decimal places with commas.


Round a number to decimal places with or without commas.


The Excel FIXED function display a number in a text format after rounding the specified number of decimal places with or without commas.
For example, to round 1234.56789 to 2 digits after the decimal, use formula =FIXED(1234.56789,2,0), returns 1,234.57 (with two decimals).


= FIXED(number, [decimals], [no_commas])


number – Number to round
decimals [Optional] – Specify the decimal place to be rounded.
no_commas [Optional] – To display commas in the result.

Return Value

The boolean result (True or False)

Key Notes

  • In FIXED function default value of decimal is 2 places. Linking a blank cell in decimals argument is considered as a null value, and the return value will be with no decimals.
  • If no commas are required TRUE or 1 is an essential argument for the no_commas parameter of the FIXED formula otherwise FALSE or omitted (default) return the text including commas.
  • You can also use the Excel ROUND formula to execute the same functionality except for the comma specification.
  • In case of Negative value for the decimal argument, the return value will be in multiples. Example, with -2 and -3 as an argument, the return value of the number is rounded to closest multiple 100 and 1000 respectively and so on. In case the arguments exceed the value of a number, the return value will be ‘0’ (Zero).

Note: ROUND function return decimal position but in number format that can be part of Excel formula.

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