List of Excel Formula

A spreadsheet is an amazing tool that touches many facets of life from business to education as an analysis and reporting tools.

Below is a list of Excel formula that will come handy while using the spreadsheet.

Count Value between Dates and Time

Count number values that occur between two dates and time applying the Excel COUNTIF formula. Apply the same formula for counting numbers between dates.

Sum Last N Values in a Column

When you have column and users want the count of values in the range and give the addition of last Nth values with the given reference. The same way knows Average of last Nth values.

Separate Date and TIME from a Timestamp

After reading this article you will able to change the normal date to excel date when time is also given in the same cell or substitute date to dd- mm-yyyy format.

To get Hours or Minute between Two Time

In this article, you are going to learn time difference (add or subtract) between two times and to get negative time to remove ## in a cell. You can also extract hours, minutes and seconds from the given time.

Date based on Week Number

To extract date and day from the week number and year. Suppose you want to know the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) and date based on any week number.

To Change the Format of Time

Changing the time format from AM and PM or 12 hours to 24 hours’ time format. You will learn here to convert the format of time.

Count Days from Specific Date

In case you want to count the number of days and day names in Excel. Return number of days worked on the basis present date after excluding weekends.

Find Age from Current Date

Calculate the age between two dates i.e. today’s date or any given date and birth date with the exact number of years, months, and days.

Average Top nth values

Suppose that you have a list of numbers and users want the average of maximum (high) numbers like first, fourth, sixth or any highest or lowest values from the array.

Average last Nth Numbers

In this post, you are going to learn how to calculate the average of the last four, five or any nth values in the columns or rows with the help of formula offset and count.

Get Random Numbers with Decimals

In case you want to show Random Numbers with Decimal point in multiple rows and columns. For this, we will apply function RANDBETWEEN and RAND.

Sumproduct with Condition in Excel

Adding multiple rows if criteria met and then on certain conditions SUMPRODUCT functions are being used in Excel. In case you want sum of the product based on condition, you can apply this formula.

Average without High and Low Value

To get average after excluding outliers. In case you want to calculate average after excluding some maximum, minimum, blank or 0 values in the given range.

Average Rows with the Same Name

Calculate Average based on criteria matching string or data of a column that display multiple times and returns average of respective next cell values only.

Sum Specific Text if Column Header Matches

Adding the respective value of a particular name in a column based on the lookup value using the Excel’s Index and Match function. In case of similar names in a column and selecting one of the multiple rows or columns, we can apply this formula.

How to Count Text or Number in Excel

In this article, we will be looking into examples to count only words or numbers in Excel using different formulas to return the count of the Excel cell.