Create a shortcut of a given path in Excel
Creates a shortcut that opens a document on your hard drive, a server, or the Internet


Create a clickable hotlink of a given path.


The Excel HYPERLINK function creates a shortcut or clickable link of a given location with a “friendly name”. Once a user clicks on the link, it initiates the action of opening a new workbook, a file or folder on a hard disk or server, or a web page.


= HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])


link_location – The location or address to open.
friendly_name [optional] – Name of the link_location to display.

Return Value

A shortcut to a specific location

Key Notes

  • You can use HYPERLINK function to initiate a call for action like opening an Excel workbook, any file or a folder, download a file, open a web page, and other related tasks.
  • If the friendly_name option is empty, then link_locationis displayed to a user. So you can add a custom name or custom message while hovering that is meaning full to users.
  • In case the link_location argument of address is not valid the Excel will return an error through a dialogue box pop up mentioning “Cannot open the specified file”.

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