Return a cell value as per row‐and‐column intersection in Excel
Uses an index to choose a value from a reference or array


Return a cell value as per row‐and‐column intersection.


The Excel INDEX function returns a cell value from one or multiple data range at a given row‐and‐column intersection. This formula can be used to extract a specific value from a large set of data.
INDEX is generally used with MATCH function that finds the relative row and column of a reference.


= INDEX(array, row_num, [column_num])
= INDEX(reference, row_num, [column_num], [area_num])


array – The table or array to extract data
reference – One or more data range.
row_number – Row number in the data range
column_number [optional] – Column number in the data range
area_number [optional] – Specify the data range to be used.

Return Value

Value of a specific position in a data range

Key Notes

  • The INDEX function is useful to return a set of value based on its location in the worksheet.
  • If a single row or column represents the data table (array), then the corresponding row_num or column_num argument is optional.

There are two ways to use the INDEX function:

Array form
In the array form of INDEX, the first parameter is array, and return based on the intersection of row and column from one cell range.

Reference Form
In the reference form of INDEX, the first parameter is a reference, return based on the intersection of row and column from one or more nonadjacent cell range. Moreover, area_number [optional] indicate which cell range to search.


For Example, to show any number, text in a cell we apply  the formula =INDEX(H7:L12,2,1)  returns  (February) as to get value.

For detail analysis please read MATCH and INDEX blog

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