Check a cell for the numerical value in Excel
Returns TRUE if the value is a number


Check a cell for the numerical value


The Excel ISNUMBER function check if a specified cell has a numeric value and returns “TRUE” if a cell has a numeric value, and “FALSE” when a cell does not.




value – Refer cell to check numerical value

Return Value

A Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE)

Key Notes

  • The ISNUMBER formula returns TRUE only if the value in the cell is number. The function will also return FALSE if a numerical value is stored in a text format.
  • The formula returns TRUE with a number, currency, date and another number formatting. Must not include a non-numerical character or text formatting in the cell.
  • The ISNUMBER formula is part of IS functions that return either TRUE or FALSE, depending on the argument they’re evaluating.

For example if a cell is empty to check what it return  like here B11 apply formula =ISNUMBER(B11) it return FALSE for blank cell.


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