Return Top Value based on position (K).
Return Top Value based on position (K).


Returns nth largest values in the Range.


The Excel LARGE function returns the highest (Max) numeric value in the given range based on their position (k) i.e. the top value in the array.




Array – the range of cells
K – the numeric value that tells which top value you want.

Return Value

Top numbers from the given array.

Key Notes

  • If the K value is larger than in the range, it will return an error (#Num!) in the cell.
  • It will return the top values in the range based on K (Rank).
  • Same way if you want to find the lowest values in the range go to Small Function.

Example (Image Above)

Suppose that a list of digits is in a column and the user wants to Know the second largest numbers in the given range, the formula can be =LARGE(B3:B12,C4).

It first checks the range (B3:B12) and gives the second (C4) largest value (48).