Find minute component from a timevalue in Excel
Converts a serial number to a minute


Find minute component from a timevalue.


The Excel MINUTE function returns the minute component of a time value or timestamp (integer from 0 to 59) of the corresponding time. For example, with a time of 6:48 PM or text (e.g. “6:48 PM”), =MINUTE(time) will return ’48’.


= MINUTE(serial_number)


serial_number – A valid argument of time, string representation or a serial number of a specific time recognized by Excel.

Return Value

An integer between 0 and 59.

Key Notes

  • Time value in the function may be entered in time, text and serial number format in the specific cell of the worksheet.
  • Time is stored as a serial number in Excel, a number from 0 (12:00:00 AM) to 0.999988426 (11.59:59 PM). Like 0.65 = 24*.65 = 15.6, return as .6*60 (minute) = 36, using MINUTE function.
  • Use SECOND and HOUR functions to return other two components of Timestamp.

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