To get remainder after dividing two number.
To get remainder after dividing two number.


To give numeric value (Remainder). 


The Excel MOD function returns a left value (remainder) after dividing the number with the divisor. 
For example, suppose that you have a number in a column and the user wants to find the remainder, the formula can be =MOD (23,10) the Excel numbers divides and returns 3.


MOD(number, divisor)


number – The number which divide
divisor – The number to divide with. 

Return Value

The Remainder.

Key Notes

  • The MOD function shows error #DIV/0! in a cell, if the divisor is 0.
  • The Formula of MOD Function returns the sign of reminder based on given divisor sign like here in cell D5, =MOD(5,-2) return “-1”.