Returns current date and time in Excel.
Returns the serial number of the current date and time.


Returns current date and time.


The Excel NOW function returns the serial number of the current date and time. Example; to show the current date and time in Excel automatically, use NOW(), empty parenthesis.
The NOW function is helpful to extract the time taken to complete a project, compare time difference for a logical application of return value.




(Empty Parenthesis)

Return Value

Current date and time

Key Notes

  • The Excel NOW returns the result with no arguments. The NOW function provides not just the current time, but also the current date.
  • The NOW function update every time a user opens or change in the worksheet. The cell can also update every time using keyboard shortcut F9 or F2+Enter.
  • The NOW function is a volatile function that updates automatically once workbook is refreshed or open.
  • By subtracting a current date from NOW function using the TODAY function, we can find the current time =NOW()-TODAY(). Shortcut to enter the current timestamp is ‘Ctrl + Shift + :’, the resulting value is static (It does not change).

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