Rank of the number in the array.
Position of the given Number


Return the position of Number


The Excel RANK.EQ function returns a position of the given number on the basis of order increasing (1) or decreasing (0) in the given array.


= RANK.EQ(number, ref, [order])


Number – the value of whom you want the rank.

Ref – the range of cells to rank against.

Order(optional) – to give the position in ascending or descending order.

Return Value

Position of a number in the array on the basis of order(optional).

Key Notes

  • In RANK.EQ function when there is duplicates number in the range it gave each value with same position.
  • The parameter order is optional by default it returns the position in decreasing (0) order.
  • When you type to search Rank function it will show you with small yellow triangle because it has been replaced by Rank.Avg and Rank.Eq.


Example (Image Above)

Suppose that a list of digits is in a column and user want to find the position of given value on the basis of given order, the formula can be =RANK.EQ(B5,C4:C12,1) it first observe the number then check in the given range (C4 to C12) and return position of B5 (32) in the array with increasing order (6), it is (6) smallest number in the array.