Remove Time from the Timestamp

Suppose you have a list of dates with time in Excel and users want only dates after excluding time or vice versa.

Query: We have a column of dates. Our task is to remove time from dates in another cell.

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Formula to implement:


Return Date after Removing Time.
Return Date after Removing Time.

Result: 5-20-2020

It returns 10 characters from the left side i.e. date after separating time in the selected cell.

Function applicable:

The Excel LEFT function displays the number of characters specified in the argument of text starting from the left. For example, LEFT(“Excel LEFT function”,5) returns “Excel”.

Same way if you want only time from the selected cell instead of date follow the same format only function change i.e.


It returns right side of 12 characters of time i.e. “10:41:04 AM”