Repeat same text in Excel
Repeats text a given number of times


To repeat a text


The Excel REPT function repeat a text for a specified number of times. For example, =REPT(“M”,3) returns “MMM”.


=REPT(text, number_times)


text – The text to be repeated.
number_times – Number of times to repeat a text

Return Value

New text

Key Notes

  • You can use the SUBSTITUTE function to replace a given text using a new text.
  • Excel store the value of REPT function value in text format hence does not accept the number formatting. For Example, if the return value is 333 you cannot change the cell formatting to $333.
  • We can use ‘&’ operator to join different text strings but preferable for small strings.
  • If number_times is “zero” (0) or blank, REPT returns “” (empty text), number_times argument must be greater than or equal to zero otherwise the Excel will return #VALUE! error.
  • The result of the REPT function cannot be longer than 32,767 characters, or REPT returns #VALUE! error.
If a user wish to repeat same text in a cell for many times (4) for example =REPT(“LOL”, 4) it return LOL LOL LOL LOL.

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