Get rightmost characters from a text in Excel
Rightmost characters from a text value


Find text from the right side.


The Excel RIGHT function extract rightmost characters based on the specified number. For example, =RIGHT(“String”,4) returns “ring”.




text – The text that contains the characters
num_chars [Optional] – Number of characters to extract.

Return Value

Specific number of right-side characters of text.

Key Notes

  • Use the LEFT and MID function to extract a specific number of characters based on given leftmost and starting positions respectively.
  • If number_chars is “zero” (0) or blank, RIGHT returns “” (empty text),num_chars must be greater than or equal to zero otherwise, the Excel will return #VALUE! error.
  • Excel store the return value of the RIGHT function in text format hence does not accept the number formatting. Like if the return value is 333 the user cannot change the cell formatting to $333.
  • The default num_charsargument is 1.
To find number at right side with space in Excel we will use RIGHT function like here value “123 45”  we put formula =RIGHT(“123 45”,4) it return 3 45 space is also count.

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