Finds position of one text value within another Text in Excel
Get part of Text within another Strings (not case sensitive)


Find the location of one text string within a second text string.


The Excel SEARCH function finds the position of a specified character or sub-string within a text string. The return value depend upon the starting character (start_num) of the text string (within_text). For example, =SEARCH(“ring”,”String”,1) return “3”, “ring” begins at the third character of “String”.




find_text – Text to locate
within_text – Text that contains the characters
start_num [Optional] Character number to start searching

Return Value

An integer representing the location of find_text.

Key Notes

  • Unlike the FIND function, SEARCH function is not case sensitive. 
  • If the SEARCH function does not find a match, it will return a #VALUE! error.
  • The default start_num  argument is 1.
  • Return the first character of find text within text.

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