Return worksheet sequence number


The Excel SHEET function returns a sequence number of a worksheet given as a reference in the argument. The formula finds the worksheet number of a given reference, worksheet, named range or table name.




value [optional] – The name of a sheet or a reference

Return Value

Sheet number

Key Notes

  • The SHEET function is useful to find the sheet number for a given sheet.
  • The function also counts hidden sheets in the workbook.
  • In case optional [value] argument remain empty the resulting value will return the worksheet number of the same cell.
  • The formula return error, #N/A! if sheet name is not valid or #REF! in case the value argument is not valid anymore (delete).

When you have lot of sheet in a workbook to know the number of current page like here we apply formula =SHEET() it return 2.

For example, to know any sheet position we use formula  in cell B9  =SHEET(“Budget”) it return 3. 


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