Return date by combining Hour, Minute and Seconds in Excel
Returns the serial number of a particular time


Return time by combining Hour, Minute and Seconds.


The Excel TIME function returns the time value by merging the three components: the hour, minute, and second. Example to add all three part of a time, use =TIME(9,15,35), that may returns “09:15:35”.
The formula is used where the application generates one or more of these components and return value must have proper time out of them.


=TIME (hour, minute, second)


hour – An Integer between 0 and 23
minute – An Integer between 0 and 59
second – An Integer between 0 and 59

Return Value

The return value is a decimal number or time depending upon the cell format.

Key Notes

  • TIME function returns a serial number based on the supplied argument of all three components. You can use DATE function to get a date by entering the year, month, and day.
  • An invalid argument is also accepted, and the return value is adjusted accordingly. For example, in an hour there are 60 minutes, but if a user enters 80 minutes, Excel considers it 1 Hour 20 minutes and alters the result accordingly, similarly with hours and seconds.
  • The TIME() function doesn’t enable a user to add or subtract a time component from result directly.
  • Change Number formatting to date and/or time.
  • Excel store date and time in serial number format, a number from 0 (12:00:00 AM) to 0.999988426 (11.59:59 PM). The serial number can easily get convert by changing cell format to date.

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