Returns the serial number of today’s date.
Returns the serial number of today’s date.


To displays the current date.


The Excel TODAY function returns the current date in the selected cell. Example; to show the current date in Excel automatically, use TODAY(), empty parenthesis.
The TODAY function is useful in generating reports in digital or print format. Moreover, can be used by embedding with other functions in Excel.




(Empty Parenthesis)

Return Value

The return value is a decimal number or date depending upon the cell format.

Key Notes

  • The Excel TODAY function returns the result with no arguments. TODAY function only returns the current date whereas NOW function extracts current date and time.
  • As with all dates in Excel, what you end up with is a serial number, but the Date formatting displays the date in a readable fashion.
  • The TODAY function updates every time a user opens the worksheet. The cell can also update every time using keyboard shortcut F9 or F2+Enter.
  • Shortcut to enter the current timestamp is ‘Ctrl + Shift + :’, the resulting value is static (It does not change).


To find difference between date and current date for example, we have date 10-11-2019 formula =TODAY()-10-11-2019 it return “07-07-2014” in cell (C11) after excluding current date.
If you wish to know current only year use formula =YEAR(TODAY()) gives 2020 in cell (C10).

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