Remove unnecessary spaces from text in Excel
Removes excess spaces from strings


Remove unnecessary spaces from text.


The Excel TRIM function removes excess spaces from a text string except for one space between each word. For example, =TRIM(“Hello World”) [Three spaces] return “Hello World”.


=TRIM (text)


text – The text with unnecessary space

Return Value

The text without extra blanks

Key Notes

  • The TRIM function leaves only a single space between words. For example, =TRIM(“Hello Wo rld”) [three spaces and two spaces between three texts] return “Hello Wo rld” (only one space between three texts).
  • The TRIM function only removes the ASCII space character (32) – “ “ (Space) from a text.
  • The function also removes space
  • characters at the start or end of the text.

If a user want to remove spaces which are hidden in a cell, for this we will apply TRIM function in Excel.

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