Find an error code corresponding to the error value in Excel
Returns a number corresponding to an error type


Find the data type of value


The Excel TYPE function returns data type of reference cell or value of an argument. Example, =TYPE(“ABC”) return data type 2 (Text data format).

See below for the list of value arguments and the respective results.




value – Reference to check the data type

Return Value

A numerical value of data type (see below)

Key Notes

  • The TYPE function only evaluates the result of formula and function
  • In the Excel Date and Currency format, data is stored in number.

The function return data type based on the reference argument, the following are five data categories of Microsoft Excel: 

If value is Data Type
Number 1
Text 2
Logical value 4
Error value 16
Array 64

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Find an error code corresponding to the error value in Excel


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