Get Random Numbers with Decimals

In case you want to show Random Numbers with Decimal point. For this, we will apply function RANDBETWEEN and RAND.   

Query: We have three columns Student, Monday and Tuesday. Our task is to show numbers of the student with decimal points (in columns C and D).

Formula to implement:


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It show Random numbers with decimal.
It show Random numbers with decimal.

Result: 24.07

Excel automatically generate random numbers from bottom (20) to top (40) numbers with added decimal place.

For Example, in cell C3 it chose 24 from (20 to 40) values add (.07) to show decimal place values also

Functions applicable:

We will be creating our formula with following functions of Excel:

    • RANDBETWEEN: Generates a set of random integers between a lower bound (bottom) and an upper bound (top) number. 

Syntax: =RANDBETWEEN (bottom, top)

    • RAND: The Excel RAND function generates a number in the decimals format between 0 to 1.

Syntax: = RAND()