Ignore Cells/Object from being Printed

Sometimes the user doesn’t want to Print of the whole page from a data, or he/ she doesn’t want to share complete information in worksheet reason might be it contains secret or personal information.

Before this, you must be familiar with what exactly Print in Excel does and learn how it works according to settings.

In this post, you are going to learn how to avoid and remove specific ranges, errors, Worksheets, cells, images, etc. from being printed.

There are several ways not to print certain parts of the workbook or worksheet from being printed in Excel 😊.

  1. Hide rows or columns: Choose the Home-Cells-Format dropdown list to hide the selected rows and columns or just Right Click.
  2. Hide particular cells: By making the text color the same as the background color.
  3. Hide cells or ranges: You can also prevent by applying a custom number format that consists of three semicolons (,).
  4. Mask an Area: You can mask an area of the worksheet by covering it with a rectangle shape.
  5. Custom View: This feature enables you to put some information available that is not to be printed.
  6. Print Area: This option is also used to print only selected columns or areas.
  7. Hide Charts: To hide charts, images, or objects from data being Printed.
  8. Settings: It is the easiest way to Print selected ranges or arrays. Select File Tab-Click Print-Under Settings– choose option Print selection from the Dropdown menu. It will only print which range you have selected for Print.

Prevent cells from being Printed

Assume that you have a table, and you want Print of that sheet after ignoring a few cells from Printing. Here a user can remove the Tel number of Karen and Michael.

To Hide certain Cells.
To Hide certain Cells.

To Hide cells from Printing use Shape

    • Open the worksheet to Hide Cells
    • Select Insert Tab
    • Click Illustration
    • Choose Option Shapes
    • Click Rectangle Shape
    • Fill color as the background color (in this case ‘white’).

Note: Learn how to display Grid lines and Headings in Print Page.

Display a few Rows in Page

If you have data with multiple rows and you want a Print of only specific rows or range like here, we want the information of a few team members. For this, we use options Print Area.

To display selected Print Area.
To display selected Print Area.

Print Certain Rows or Columns

    • Open worksheet Rows
    • Click on the Page Layout tab
    • Select the range B2:F5
    • Under Page Setup clicks on the Print area

Note: Sometimes you have data that is too long or Not Fit in one Page when you are taking the print learn to adjust.

Use of Custom View in Printing

If you want to print a page but at the same time, you want to ignore one column from being printed on the same sheet.

It will not show one column in a Page.
It will not show one column in a Page.

Managing Row and Column before Print

Like here we have five columns and two columns are of the same heading i.e. Unit Price one is cost price and the other is selling Price. Our task is to make sure the actual price column does not show.

  • Open the Worksheet, Custom view
  • Select tab View
  • Select the Range
  • Under the Views group, choose Custom Views
  • In Custom View dialogue box click Add
  • In Add View box type Name (Actual Unit Price)
  • Right-click the selected column and click hide

So, whenever you want Print of Page for Telling the cost price the same steps will be followed only instead of Add option-click Show. It will display the column which is hidden and then take Print of Page. You can also delete the Custom View by clicking the delete option.

Conceal Charts without deleting

When you have data with the chart, Shapes, etc… and you did not want on Print Page to show any objects along with the table.

To Remove Chart from Print Page.
To Remove Chart from Print Page.

Remove Chart from Print

  • Select Sheet to Eliminate Chart
  • Right-click the Chart
  • Choose the option Format Chart Area
  • In the chart, options select Size & Properties icon
  • Remove the checkmark from the Print object


Note: You must know to remove dotted lines present in Page Preview.

Hide Sheets from Print

Suppose that you want Print of a workbook, but you find that one sheet is of not required for readers.

But before that change settings as In Print settings by default, it Prints active sheet to Print Entire Workbook.

Change settings In Preview

  • Open Excel
  • Click Tab File
  • Select the Print Option
  • In settings select Print Entire Workbook from the drop-down

Eliminate One sheet from Workbook

  • Open Sheet, Remove Sheet
  • Right-click the sheet Name
  • Select option Hide
  • The sheet will hide


Even though you have six sheets in the workbook but it will take a Print of five sheets as one sheet is invisible.

Remove Watermark on Sheet

Like you have got a file that is inserted with the company logo or text at the background of the sheet. Here our task is to remove that particular image from the sheet.

To Delete Image from Background on Data.
To Delete Image from Background on Data.

Delete Image or LOGO on the Excel sheet:

  • Select sheet Delete image.
  • Click Print Titles under Page Setup Group
  • Select Header/ Footer option 
  • Select the Custom Header
  • Delete &[picture]
  • Click OK
  • Don’t forget to check the Preview

Note: To change your work readable form please go through PDF.