Clear Cell based on Condition

There are several ways by which we can delete format, comment, content, etc.… in a workbook without removing or effecting any other things on a sheet. Simply we can do so by delete option it will clear only content, but it will not remove formatting, notes, etc. choose Clear, it will save you time too.

For this, we have provided Six options. Let’s read about each of them:

Clear All: To erase at once particular cells that contained comments, formatting we will use clear All.

To clear format: Like you have data want to delete only a particular format and content remain in a cell.

Clear contents: if you wish to remove only text from the and remaining things unaffected.

Clear Comments and Notes: This option will eliminate comments and notes that are attached in a sheet.

Clear Hyperlink: To Get Rid Of hyperlinks choose this option. Text and format will remain the same in the worksheet still look like it contained a link, but it will not work.

Remove Hyperlinks: It will delete Hyperlinks and cell formatting in the selected cells.

Remove comment but leave content and Formatting

In case you have data and you want to delete only comment from the cell and other remains the same. Here we have put comment in cell B3 to delete it follow steps:

It will clear comment but content and formatting remain same.It will clear comment but leave content and formatting.
It will clear comment but content and formatting remain same.
  • Open Excel File.
  • In the Home Tab select Editing group.
  • Under Editing Group click Clear.
  • From the dropdown list selects Clear Comment and Note.

The comment gets delete but content and formatting will remain the same in Excel.

Remember: The same steps will be followed for other options please try once.