Print Entire Sheet with Same Text

Is it Possible to Print the same text (headings, date) at the top or bottom of each Page or any Sheet? Yes, you can do it with the header/footer and through the Sheet option. You can also give print after preventing certain image and rows from being printed.

So, in this article, you are going to learn how to add a row or column headings that repeat at the top of every page and how to change default settings.

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Print Header and Footer Entire Sheet

To identify easily any file when we take the print, for this, we use header and footer on the workbook in Excel. To Print header and Footer at every Sheet like here, we insert file name on each page at the top and insert Page number at the bottom.

To print heading on the top of the page.

  • Click Print Titles under Page Setup Group
  • Select Header/ Footer option 
  • Select Custom Header or Footer
  • Select one of the many options as required
  • To insert a page number, date, time, file path, filename, or tab name etc
  • Click OK
  • Check the Preview.
To Show File Name at Top (Header) and Page Number at Bottom(Footer).
To Show File Name at Top (Header) and Page Number at Bottom (Footer).

Remember: To Display Text “Page” along with Page Number type Page before &[Page].

Remember: In case you want a Print of First Page or any other sheet with the header follow the same steps but instead of selecting all Sheet from Option click sheet name where you want to add the header. Please Check the Preview.

Note: Learn briefly how Average Formula based on the condition work in Excel.

Print Entire Sheet

By default, it Prints Active Sheet to Print every sheet or workbook. For this, you should know to change default settings.

To Adjust Settings

  • Click the File Tab.
  • Click option Print.
  • Under settings Choose Entire Sheet from Dropdown.
  • Check Preview.

Remember: Same you can change other settings like change A4 size sheet to another size.

To Format Text

We change Font style, Size, etc in the Format Text Like if you add some text at top and bottom for the header and Footer but when you observe the text is not visible clear for this, you need to increase size or Bold.

Change Structure of Text

  • Click Print Titles under Page Setup Group
  • Select Header/ Footer option 
  • Select Custom Header or Footer
  • Click icon Format Text.
  • A font Dialog box appears change as required.

Print First Row on Entire Sheet

To show every page with the same heading at top of the page or if you want to repeat any row on each page.

Repeat Row on Each Page

  • Select Tab Page Layout.
  • Click Page Titles.
  • Dialog box Appears to choose option Sheet
  • In rows to Repeat: click and select 2.
  • Click Print.
  • Check the Preview.

Remember: Like if you want to print each sheet with the same column in each page the same steps will be followed only instead of rows repeat select column repeat option.


Every Page will Show Top Row.
Every Page will Display Top Row.

Note: You must go through to learn how Print is done in the Presentable way.