Formatting Excel Worksheet

Combine and center the contents of the selected cells in a new larger cells

When you have a text covering multiple cells a handy formatting option is Merge Cells that can combine the contents and display in a single cell. For that go to Home ➪ under Alignment group ➪ Select an option from Merge & Center drop-down list.

This accommodates the spillover and spreads the text in one cell rather than a group of cells. You can use this feature using the toggle button of Merge and Cells.

Display Text with an Angle

While less space in Printing or enhanced visual impact, a user can display text with an angle using the Excel Alignment feature. Go to Home Tab ➪ under Alignment Group➪ Orientation drop-down list; you can apply the most common text angles.

Dropdown for alignment comes up with some default text angle options. For more control use the Format Cells dialog box, click on Format Cell Alignment Option (last in the drop-down).

Editing Conditional Formatting Rule

It is ubiquitous to change or update the current rule whenever you think necessary. The Excel Rules Manager enables you to create new, edit, or remove conditional formatting with one or multiple control, all in one dialog box.Manage Rules Conditional Formatting

Moreover, you can also find what conditional formatting rules are already existing on a worksheet. You can create or modify one or multiple pre-set rules.

Edit color format rules in Excel
Use the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box to tweak any rules that have been applied in a workbook.

Option not available for graphic display in Conditional Formatting

In Excel conditional formatting, there are for the option to display data in graphical form.

    • Data Bars – Graphic bars proportion to value in a cell’s
    • Color Scales – Background color based on a cell’s value. With two option of 2 and 3 color scale
    • Icon Sets – Multiple types of Icons available depending upon the cell’s value

There are no  4-Color scales in Excel.

Way to find Conditional Formatting is applied to cell

Sometimes it becomes challenging to find cells with conditional formatting in Excel. For that, use the Go To Special dialog box to select such conditional formatting cells.

The default theme of Excel

The default page layout of the theme in Excel is Office. You can change the default theme, Go to Pagelayout> Click Themes icon> Select preferred Option or Custom.

How many Fonts you can use in Excel theme?

Each theme in a Workbook can include Two fonts, one for the header and one for the body.

Hide column alphabets and row numbers

Interestingly in Excel, you have an option to hide the naming of column alphabets and row numbers.  Go to View>Under Show Group > untick Headings

hide naming of column alphabets and row numbers Excel

The quickest way to copy a format

The quickest way to copy the formats from one cell to another cell or range is to use the Format Painter  (the button with the paintbrush image).

Way to paste format with Format Painter tool

Wildcard character is used to match any number of characters

Wildcards are special characters that are symbols used to replace or represent one or more characters.

The most common wildcards are the * (asterisk), which represents one or more characters. Like if you want to find text that starts with “Ex” in a given range, then search ‘Ex*‘ Excel returns like all strings that are Example, Excel, or Extension, check out more about Wildcard.

Asterisk (*), which represents one or more characters
Asterisk (*), which represents one or more characters