Cell Display Text Hovering to Hyperlink & Notes

Is it possible to show custom information regarding the Hyperlink or a Text placed at any cell on a worksheet? Yes, it’s possible with a Screen Tip in Hyperlink editor and Excel Notes feature.

In this article, we will go through Two simple ways (check the video) to display or show a text popup while hovering on a cell. 

In the first example, you are going to learn about how to display text as you click by adding hyperlinks in Excel to navigate within the workbook or outside.

To show the text as you hover the link

    •  Click on a Hyperlink under Insert Tab
    • Edit Hyperlink box (Ctrl+K) appears on this click on ScreenTip….
    • In the Hyperlink Screen, Tip box type the text to appear as you hover
    • Click OK after filling in text
    • Click again OK Edit Hyperlink box

Download Your Example Excel File

Inserting text number format in cell
Click Screen Tip to show Text .

Here we select cells D2 and E2 to show information by just clicking on the link 2010 sales worksheet and 2011 sales worksheet, respectively.

If you just want to show a Text by hovering the mouse over or cursor rather than going to any other cell or worksheet then link Hyperlink to the same cell. In this case cell D2 and sheet 1. After this, the cell effectively will not be a hotlink anymore. Now if a user clicks the cell it won’t go to any other cell or worksheet and remain at D2.

Only show Text by hovering Mouse - link to the same cell reference
Only show Text by hovering Mouse - link to the same cell reference

You can also change the format of the hyperlink cell to show it as a normal Text rather than a typical hyperlink cell.

To show a hyperlink as normal Text:

  • Right-click the cell and click Format cell (or Ctrl+1) 
  • Select Font tab
  • Remove underline and change the text font color to Automatic
  • Click ‘Ok’ to display the hyperlink as normal text.
Change Hyperlink format to resemble like a Text
Change Hyperlink format to resemble like a Text

The 2nd way to display text by hovering is using the Excel Note feature:

Adding text on Hover with Excel Note (Method #2):

  • Select the cell then right-click
  • Click the Note option
  • Enter necessary text to highlight
Display hover text with Excel Notes
Right Click and Select Excel Notes

Note: It is equally important to make sure your comment or notes setting is appropriately selected to show the Text while hovering. 

For that, go to File>Options> Click Advanced>Under the Display bar, select the 2nd option (Indicators only, comments & notes on hover).

To change the format of Excel Notes and Comment box:

You can easily change the design and style of Excel notes by clicking on the note box border line and then got to Home>Format Comment> Select the specific format>Ok (Check Image)

In my case, I will change the color to a White background and no borders.

Change notes format in Excel
Change Notes format to the desired layout in 2 steps