To fix / Adjust the Print Preview sheet

We waste so many papers after taking Print it may contain errors or mistakes to avoid wastage of Paper so always make sure to check the Print Preview it will save your time and money too.

Preview is necessary as you can hide or adjust the sheet to give print correctly on a page.

Download Your Example Excel File

So, in this article, you are going to know how to add Print Preview & Print directly into the Quick Access toolbar to ignore fault on the page before Printing.

To show Print Preview & Print option at Top.
To show Print Preview & Print option at Top.

To show Preview option

  •  To Show the Print Preview 
  • Click on the File tab
  • Choose Options
  • A dialog box appears select Quick Access Toolbar
  •  Click option Print Preview and Print
  • Click Add
  •  Click OK

The option will display at the top of the title bar, just click the option it will directly take you at the backstage.

Remember: Same way you can add or remove any of the options on Quick Access Toolbar

Print on one Page

When you view your sheet before taking Print you will observe that it does not allow to take print in one page as data is too wide or long, for this you must know how to take Print on one Page or to Print after fixing page.

To Adjust Preview (Image below)

  •  Open the Excel file
  •  Click on the Page Layout tab
  • Under scale to fit the group select width
  • In width choose 1 page from the dropdown list
  • Do the same for height select 1 page
Print of Sheet in One Page.
Print of Sheet in One Page.

In case you have a long sheet (height) to take print on one page. Choose 1 page for height only.

You can do it another way too for better understanding go through Print.